Engineering Services

The Technical Services that we undertake are:
1. Design and issue of building permits: We undertake the preparation of the study and the issue of the corresponding building permit for private buildings.

2. Design and Licensing: We undertake the issue of Permits for the operation of Stores of Health Interest (cafes, bars, restaurants, grills, taverns, refreshments, snack bars, grocery stores, bakeries and confectionery).

  •   Permits for the operation of stores providing health care services (hair salons, aesthetic and beauty institutes, tattoo workshops).
  •   Other activities that require a Operating License (Schools, Tutorials, Gyms, etc.).

3. Arrangement of arbitrages under the New Legislation (Law 4491/2017) - Issuance of Certificate of Legality.

4. Energy Audit of Buildings and Energy Efficiency Certificate: Our Office undertakes the issue of the Energy Efficiency Certificate for residential buildings as well as tertiary sector buildings (shops, tutorials, etc.).

5. Renovation of existing buildings: We offer the possibility of an integrated proposal for the reshaping of residences through photorealistic designs and their three-dimensional representation.

6. Impressions - Topographic Plans: We undertake the imprinting of every kind of property, plot, parcel or building and the compilation of the corresponding Topographic Diagram in EGNA '87.

7. Statement on the Land Registry: We undertake the electronic submission of your statement so that the process can be completed with integrity and your property is protected.

For more information, please visit or contact with Vasiliki Plataniti Technical Office at +30 211 410 8831.