Financial & Accounting Services

Some of the Financial & Accounting Services that we undertake are:

  1.      Tax returns of natural and legal persons (entities).
  2.      Tax representation of natural persons of domestic and foreign residents.
  3.      Selection of an appropriate individual or legal form of an undertaking for an existing or newly established enterprise.
  4.      Establishment, merger, conversion, division or change of a legal form of business.
  5.      Transfer of business.
  6.      Selling businesses.
  7.      Parental benefits.
  8.      Accounting, tax consultancy services.
  9.      Innocent appeals, appeals to tax courts.
  10.      Financial, accounting, tax consultancy.
  11.      Economic and technical studies.
  12.      Inheritance.
  13. Third-party tracking and payment.
  14. Drafting studies for subsidy programs.

For more information, please contact Mr. Georgios Roussos, Economist - Tax Advisor - Accountant 1st Class.

Phone: +30 2294095159

Mobile: +30 6944507074