Foreign Citizens

Our office has permanent associates, the team of Lawyers, with Theodoros Charalambous, lawyer, member of the Law Firm of Piraeus, the Engineers team of the National Technical University of Athens with the head of Vasiliki Plataniti Civil Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens and a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Economist-Accountant Group, responsible for Rousso Georgios, Economist-Accountant, member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and other associates, such as notaries, bailiffs, court judges experts, chartered valuers, brokers etc.

The provision of One Stop Services means that our law firm and our associates can fully represent our clients for all legal, technical and financial issues arising before the Courts before the Greek authorities and agencies (Courts, Ministries, Urban Planning, Cadastre, Public Economic Service, etc.).

Especially for foreign residents our office assumes:

1. The provision of legal services in all areas of law.

2. The provision of Technical Services in all areas.

3. The Observance and Processing of the Tax Obligations of Greek expatriates who have property in Greece.

4. Hire and general management of their property.

5. The purchase - sale of real estate with a special power of attorney, without the presence of the person who buys or sells, and the handling of all the bureaucratic procedures before the authorities (Tax Offices, mortgages, town planning and land registry services etc.

6. The payment or collection of the consideration without the physical presence of the buyer or seller of a foreign resident and

7. For any matter, any matter you are concerned with throughout Greece, or whatever pending you have before the Greek Authorities (Tax Office, Cadastre, Pension, Judicial Matters).

For more information do not hesitate to contact us, we remain always keen on our services.