About Chr. Plataniti & Partners Law Office

Our Law Firm office since 2011 is a continuation of the fourth-generation family business, has evolved into one of the most dynamic law firms in Athens, renewed in constantly changing conditions and is being honored daily by our wide range of clients.

Trust, Reliability, Trust and Consistency

The practice of a sincere relationship of trust, reliability, honesty and relevance to our customers. We undertake legal affairs throughout Greece that cover all areas of Greek, European and International Law.

Our associates are combatants, old and young, well-trained lawyers and with a lasting lifelong education, with ethos, broad spirit of thinking, sense of responsibility, innovative and creative practice, consistency and appetite always willing to handle even the most complex and demanding legal your case and find the most appropriate solution, extrajudicial or court-judged, with regard to the administration of justice in conjunction with your own claims and claims.

Our Tactic

Whatever your legal affair, it generally requires a profound study, delicate handling, methodically, timely investigation of legislation-case law, exploitation of all details, design and implementation of a strategy of action constantly adapted to the course of the case, a tactic we follow in cases of all our principals.

Our History

  • 2013 - Cooperation with mixanikos-athina.gr
  • 2011 - Cooperation with Economist - Accountant George Roussos
  • 2011 - Law Firm Chr. Plataniti founded